About Vietnam

People and Culture

Vietnam's people are a special mix of cultures, languages and historical backgrounds. The one common denominator amongst them is that, as in most Southeast Asia countries, they love to smile and are genuinely interested in foreign visitors.

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The Geography of Vietnam

It has a sizeable mountain range in the northwest (an offshoot of the Himalayas), heavily forested uplands, extensive limestone scenery with several areas of mature ‘Karst’ landscape, an elevated central plateau, two large river deltas and thousands of offshore islands. Although all this makes life difficult for most of the 70% of the population that still work the land, it has great benefits for visitors in the form of a wide variety of landscapes, especially facilitates all the trekking, cycling and kayaking activities.

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The Climate of Vietnam

The climate of Vietnam varies considerably from region to region. Although the whole country falls into the tropic and subtropics, its stretching length and diverse topography allow it to span several different climate zones. Local conditions vary from frosty winters in the far northern hills to year-round, subequatorial warmth in the Mekong Delta. The weather thus, tends to change considerably from season to season and also from region to region.

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Vietnam Overview

Vietnam is located in the center of South East Asia, flanked by the People's Republic of China in the north, Laos in the north-west, Cambodia in the south-west and the South China Sea on the eastern fringe. Lofty peaks, dense woods and massive deltas make up the diverse and striking Vietnamese terrain. The Vietnam climate is tropical monsoon in character, with around 85% humidity all throughout the year. The country, considered a huge "S" lying half-facing the Pacific Ocean as a proud local expression, is neither boot-shaped nor gathering hundreds of islands. 

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