Vietnam Overview

About VietnamIf you are planning an adventure to South East Asia, then Vietnam may be one of the best choices.

Vietnam is located in the center of South East Asia, flanked by the People's Republic of China in the north, Laos in the north-west, Cambodia in the south-west and the South China Sea on the eastern fringe. Lofty peaks, dense woods and massive deltas make up the diverse and striking Vietnamese terrain. The Vietnam climate is tropical monsoon in character, with around 85% humidity all throughout the year. The country, considered a huge "S" lying half-facing the Pacific Ocean as a proud local expression, is neither boot-shaped nor gathering hundreds of islands. 

Hanoi is the Capital of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City (normally called Saigon) is the largest city and more exciting industrial centre. Hue, the Capital of the last Kingdom up to 1945 is still maintaining traces of the old reigns. Main seaports are Haiphong, Danang, and Saigon. 

Vietnam has the population of 78 millions, containing 54 ethnics. The Kinh (or Viet) ethnic forms around 85% of population and mostly inhabit in larger towns. A larger Chinese community of less than 2 millions inhabit mainly in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Vietnamese is the official Vietnam language, though Chinese, English, French and Russian are also spoken in certain pockets of the country. The Vietnam currency is the Dong and around January 2012, US$1 equaled about VND 21,000. 

Sapa VietnamVietnam Travel is now easy to obtain as the country is internationally connected, such as traveling to China via an international train service, one route commences from Beijing and another from Kunming. If you prefer traveling in style, take any one of the numerous cruise liners that make the stop at Haiphong in Vietnam.

Vietnam is a country replete with spectacular and diverse natural beauty, most of which is unexplored and untouched. From the rustic French charm and the exquisite temple architecture of the capital city of Hanoi, the dramatic natural setting at Halong Bay to the wonderful green terraces in Sapa, Vietnam has on offer sights that are exhilarating, enchanting and eclectic.

On your Vietnam vacations, make sure that you do not miss the Vietnam festivals & events listed in the Vietnam travel guide. These gatherings and celebrations are great ways to get intimate with the people of the country and understand their customs and beliefs.